Creative collective founded 2002 in UÅ, Dirty Nawf, Mästerbotten, Sápmi, Sweden

RB started as a group of friends making skateboard / snowboard films and music together, no suits and ties

We produce, arrange and distribute records, events, films, merch, clothing, art & fun stuff (ideas? contact us)

Returning block party Mästerbotten (2017, 2018, 2019... 2023?) is arranged in collaboration with Hoopdiggas

The Random Bastards / Storspoven music label releases Cleo, Fricky, Academics, Trainspotters, Gonza-Ra, Fridlyst, Broder John, Marc UÅ, Imchibeat, Chefen, Uncle Vernon, varärdu, Min Vilja Är Folkets & more

Follow us at @randombastards and @masterbotten